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Career coaching sessions can help you get unstuck in your career. You can explore your options, discuss your concerns and get practical tips and ideas for your next career move.
We can design a package that meets your needs or work together on a session-by-session basis.

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Are you tired of your job and thinking of a career change?
Get help brainstorming a list of options that make sense with your training, strengths and dreams.

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Are you tired of your job but think you don’t need a huge change, just a smaller pivot? We can examine what you don’t like about your work and identify strategies for improving it. This is a great option if you don’t want to or can’t leave your job.

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If you’re job hunting and not getting any calls, or you’re getting interviews but no offers, you may need to change your strategy or update your documents.
We can take a look at your job hunt together and strategize.

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  • Are you a DIY person? Do you feel like you don’t need a major overhaul, just another opinion on your resume and some tips for improvement? I’ll look over your document or LinkedIn profile, discuss recommendations by phone for 30 minutes, and send you a detailed critique that saves you time and helps you kick off the job hunt with confidence.


  • Want to outsource the whole resume-writing process and put your mind at ease? Has it been several years since you reformatted your resume, and you’re not sure where to start? I’m happy to design and write it for you. Pricing starts at $175 and includes an in-depth questionnaire and up to two rounds of revision.


  • Do you suspect you’re leaving out valuable information, but you’re not sure what to emphasize? We’ll explore your strengths, accomplishments and relevant skills in an in-depth, hour-long interview. Pricing starts at $350 and includes two rounds of revisions.


  • Once you’ve got your documents ready, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn Profile. Most recruiters and hiring managers prefer LinkedIn for vetting candidates, but do you know how to optimize your profile and make the best use of it? Pricing starts at $100 for profile updates, with discounts if you purchase other services.


Here’s what some past clients have to say

“Meredith was an amazing resource and someone I’ve already recommended to many friends and co-workers. She really listened to me, asked me thought-provoking questions, and quickly got me to focus on the heart of the issues. After having talked to family, friends and co-workers already, I still needed some help clarifying my goals, values, ambitions and needs. She helped me immediately make my work life better (in my current job) through understanding how to increase my energy and sense of fulfillment, while also helping me clarify what I wanted my next challenge to look like. Meredith was easy to talk to, even over the phone from across the country, and provided interesting articles, resources and exercises between appointments. I looked forward to my time talking with her and will definitely lean on her again as I progress in my career.”

Cal Bouchard, VP of Digital Commerce

“I really liked working with Meredith. The relaxed atmosphere of her office put me at ease. We exchanged a few emails, phone calls, and had a great in-person meeting. Her knowledge and expertise helped me feel confident and motivated to pursue a job. After our meeting, I jumped right into researching what to do next. Meredith empowered me to go after a job!”

Amy, job hunter, now back to work after a hiatus

Meredith is fantastic!  When I decided to return to my career after five-years of staying at home, a lot had changed in terms of what I was seeking and how the job market moved.  Meredith provided up-to-date resources, valuable guidance, and creative ideas that helped me find my direction and navigate the job search process.  In addition, throughout the process she provide the support and encouragement I needed to “think outside the box”.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to re-enter or advance their careers.”

Heidi, Legal Counsel


For me, deadline days were the toughest. I was working as a weekly newspaper editor and I dreaded starting my day at 10 a.m. and finishing 12 hours later. I started to feel sick that day, and I suspected I had carpal tunnel. I could see burnout down the road, and what scared me the most was that I could see a future in which I had no energy to job hunt or change careers. I felt trapped. But I got help from a career coach. Now, I like Tuesdays again.

What day is your worst? Is it Mondays, with an endless meeting to kick off the week? Is it actually Friday, when you are trying to get out the door to get home for dinner with your family and people keep hitting you with last minute requests? Or does your job feel like an undertow, carrying you further from shore, further from where you thought your career would carry you, even though on paper you feel like you are right where you should be.

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