Everyone knows networking should be a big part of job hunting, but sometimes it’s tough to come up with wording for networking emails. You probably have a network of people who would love to help you, if you asked. I think many people avoid getting the word out because it feels so, well, icky. Asking someone who sort of knows you for favor? Setting up an informational interview? Ugh. But with a few tweaks, you can improve your emails and feel better about sending them. 

A few tips to reduce the “ick” factor:

Instead of: “Can you meet for a coffee to talk about what you do?” (and take the time to drive there, in Baltimore/DC traffic, and drive back, etc).

Ask this: “Do you have 10 minutes to talk by phone about your job at X company? I’m exploring options in the field and I’d love to learn more about what you do there.”

Instead of: Asking for someone to recommend you for a position.

Ask this: Ask for a “heads up” on positions that are a good fit for your skills in X profession, in X industry.

Like this: “I’ve just started exploring options in catering in the Columbia area. If you become aware of any openings, especially for someone with experience planning large weddings, I’d love it if you could give me a heads up.”

Instead of: Passing along your resume attached to an email (easily lost in an inbox or ignored).
Do this: Update your LinkedIn profile and then include your LinkedIn URL under your name at the end of a networking email.
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