About My Services

I specialize in helping my clients job hunt and make career decisions in an authentic way. I provide a nonjudgmental space to discuss career concerns, brainstorm new career pathways, and make progress in the job hunt.

Part of my process involves helping clients determine the skills that they feel confident and excited to use, and skills that might be burning them out. I also help clients research new career pathways, identify skills gaps, and find potential employers. Finally, I help them job hunt in an authentic way, crafting cover letters and resumes as unique as they are, so they can connect with the right employers and find meaningful work.

I work with a range of clients, from those just starting out to those making corporate career changes. I work with men and women, managers and entry-level workers. The common thread is that my ideal client is ready to have their career reflect who they are deep down, not necessarily what’s expected of them or the most linear next step up the ladder.

I work nationally by phone and video in the Columbia, MD area.

My career transition

For me, deadline days were the toughest. I was working as a weekly newspaper editor and I dreaded starting my day at 10 a.m. and finishing 12 hours later. I started to feel sick that day, and I suspected I had carpal tunnel. I could see burnout down the road, and what scared me the most was that I could see a future in which I had no energy to job hunt or change careers. I felt trapped. But I got help from a career coach. Now, I like Tuesdays again.

What day is your worst? Is it Mondays, with an endless meeting to kick off the week? Is it actually Friday, when you are trying to get out the door to get home for dinner with your family and people keep hitting you with last minute requests? Or does your job feel like an undertow, carrying you further from shore, further from where you thought your career would carry you, even though on paper you feel like you are right where you should be.

My path hasn’t been linear either

My career is far from linear.

Along the way I:

  • Kicked off life as a comparative religion major at Carleton College in Minnesota. Despite gloomy predictions from everyone I knew, my major actually got me my first job in journalism.
  • Worked a decade in newspaper reporting, editing, with some newsletter editing. (I spent two years reporting on sewage, and it was actually fun.)
  • Earned a Master of Arts in Education, focusing on Community Counseling, from The George Washington University.
  • Interned at the Montgomery County, Md., Commission for Women Career and Counseling Center, where I worked with individuals coping with the intense stress of divorce, homelessness, and other life pressures.
  • Worked with undergrads, grads and alumni for two plus years at Georgetown University.
  • Started my business in 2008, and have steadily been building a practice as I raise my two kids.
  • Learned to love knitting, and other knitters. Really, anyone who works with fiber has my vote.
  • Run. Slowly. Sometimes just down the block.

Professional Certifications

I’m certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator and as a Professional Résumé Writer. You can also learn more about me on LinkedIn.

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