A Cover Letter Template that Gets Results

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If you search the internet, you'll find a number of formulas for writing a great cover letter. Some recommend you tell a story, some recommend side-by-side columns. I'm going to send you in a different direction: Tell employers what you've been working on lately. You're probably thinking that the résumé covers that, and you're [...]

The Lure of Online Applications

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The modern job hunt looks deceptively simple. Search major search engines, find a job posting and send off your resume. Easy, right? You feel so productive. You've sent off five applications today, you tell yourself. Repeat that for a couple of weeks and you're bound to get calls for interviews. You choose big companies [...]

My Career Inspiration for 2019

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We've hit the time in January when I usually get mad at myself for failing at my resolutions. Last year I joined an amazing gym. The problem? It was so amazing I had trouble keeping up. I'm just not very... bootcampy. That not-so-insightful epiphany came to me while face down halfway through burpee that [...]

Seven Tips for Saving Money During a Career Change

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Changing careers or even jobs within the same career can be expensive. The costs of hiring a coach, making a decision, then lining up resources like interview suits, résumé services and travel expenses to interviews may make you want to give up before you begin. Hiring a career coach especially may seem out of [...]

What Researchers Have Learned about Following Your Passion

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If you haven’t seen the latest research from Carol Dweck and her colleagues, who pioneered work in the value of Growth Mindset in education, you’re going to want to check this out. (Thanks CNBC for highlighting this research) The research results released this summer show that people who believe in [...]

The Cure for Burnout is a Bold Job Hunt

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You feel unmotivated, underpaid, underappreciated, or overworked. You know you deserve better, but when you actually go through the job hunt, do your actions match that belief? The cause of your burnout may be poor job hunting habits. A better job hunt can lead to a better job, but this is easy to say and [...]

Exploring Careers Based on Your Personality

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Timothy Eberly | Today I'd like to offer my take on using personality in career exploration, specifically, introversion versus extroversion. In recent years introverts have made a comeback. Introvert-positive articles and web sites are everywhere. I take it all with a grain of salt, however. I once was asked to take a [...]

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Skills Matter in Midlife Career Exploration

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Emily Reider | Midlife career exploration is different than in college. You've got years of work experience and hard-earned skills, but you also might be tired of using those skills. Many feel trapped by the money and time they've invested in getting good at something. It can be difficult to decide whether to [...]

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How to Start Exploring New Careers

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Roman Averin | When you're feeling lost or stuck mid-career, it can be so difficult to take time to explore options. When you finally find the time, it can be hard to know where to start. There are four areas I ask my clients to explore in their work lives: values, skills, [...]

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How to Decide If You Should Apply for That Job

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Chad Madden | Unsplash You're cruising, scanning the job openings, when you see it. The perfect job. The duties play to your strengths, and you've heard great things about the company, but there's a catch. You aren't 100-percent qualified. Should you still apply? You don't want to miss out, but on the [...]

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