Book Review: Designing Your Work Life

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Designing Your Work Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans In their long-awaited follow-up to their bestseller, Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans of Stanford University want to help you love the job you have, before you try to leave it. The first book grew out of a popular course the authors [...]

Three Beliefs that Stand In the Way of a Great Resume

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Great resumes tell a compelling story, ideally of growth and learning, new challenges and meaningful projects. But sometimes job seekers fail to honestly tell their stories because of beliefs they’ve internalized about their work, their education, or what the employer wants to see. This is a challenging time to hunt, and you want to use [...]

3 Ways Introverts Can Boost their Job Hunt During the Pandemic

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Job hunting has always been tough, but during a pandemic, it may seem impossible. You’re less able to focus, and probably are juggling multiple responsibilities, like working from home while suddenly homeschooling your kids, or unexpectedly taking two hours to buy dishwashing soap. In an iffy economy, networking becomes essential for finding the "hidden job [...]

Is Perfectionism Paralyzing Your Job Hunt?

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You’ll start applying really soon. Like, later today. You'll just take one more look online. You’ll send that cover letter and resume after one more edit. One more pass. If you get it just right, they’ll notice you and call you in for the interview. You’ll get out the door for that interview, but [...]

What Matters Most in your Resume

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I recently chatted with a friend who works in HR, and she's a little frustrated. Many of the resumes she's sorting through this week don't show the work history clearly. Like many hiring managers, she likes to see a traditional, chronological format organized by dates. She especially is frustrated when she sees accomplishments separated from [...]

Three Ways to Improve Your Networking Emails

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Everyone knows networking should be a big part of job hunting, but sometimes it's tough to come up with wording for networking emails. You probably have a network of people who would love to help you, if you asked. I think many people avoid getting the word out because it feels so, well, icky. [...]

Save Time Revising Your Résumé by Making These Three Lists

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Does this sound familiar? You're excited to job hunt, so you settle in at your desk to update your résumé. You start to look over the document and realize you have so much to add. Quickly, the document is over two pages, and you're still anxiously trying to include everything you've done in the [...]

Journaling Prompts to Inspire a Better Work Life

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When you're feeling down about your job, it can be so tempting to jump quickly to the next job. Sociopaths find their way to management positions, colleagues melt down, companies downsize at the drop of a hat. We find ourselves pivoting so often we make ourselves dizzy. We become disorganized in our thinking about [...]

A Cover Letter Template that Gets Results

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If you search the internet, you'll find a number of formulas for writing a great cover letter. Some recommend you tell a story, some recommend side-by-side columns. I'm going to send you in a different direction: Tell employers what you've been working on lately. You're probably thinking that the résumé covers that, and you're [...]

The Lure of Online Applications

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The modern job hunt looks deceptively simple. Search major search engines, find a job posting and send off your resume. Easy, right? You feel so productive. You've sent off five applications today, you tell yourself. Repeat that for a couple of weeks and you're bound to get calls for interviews. You choose big companies [...]