April Fools! Or Not…

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I love a good prank... on television. I have long admired the stapler in the jello from The Office. In real life, not so much. My personality just isn't built for it. I'm an introvert, and pranks are a public display. I like to watch from a safe distance, and television is the perfect distance. [...]

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Welcoming Uncertainty

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I think career progress is overrated. Many bad decisions are committed in the name of "advancement." When I moved up to an editor position after being a writer for years, I was initially thrilled. I earned enough to afford my own apartment, finally. I bought my first piece of new furniture, a red couch with [...]

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Doing Their Jobs

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I don't have much on my mind this week, career-wise, except the workers in Japan who are racing to contain radiation at the nuclear reactors in Japan. I can't say how much I admire the 50 who stayed, their dedication to their jobs and their country. I hope this is all over quickly, and they [...]

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Top Reasons You Should Write Your Own Resume

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As a career counselor, I get a lot of requests for resume help, and sometimes I'm asked to write a resume from scratch. I always tell people the same thing: I only critique them. I think there is a lot of good help out there from experts, but in the end, I believe job seekers [...]

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Streamlining Your Online Job Hunting

By |2011-03-01T07:28:14+00:00March 1st, 2011|General|

Thfffffpppt.... Hear that? That's the sound of hours of your life sucked into the void of the Internet, never to return. It's so easy to sit down at the computer, focused, ready to find your dream job, and then look up hours later to wonder, what have I accomplished? How to avoid that feeling? Get [...]

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Matching Your Skills with Jobs

By |2011-02-24T07:16:38+00:00February 24th, 2011|General|

Sometimes when clients are stuck, I like to recommend looking at their skills instead of interests or dreams. People often have already realized that their interests alone won't lead them to careers that can put food on the table, but they don't know where to go from there. The state of Minnesota has a fantastic, [...]

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Roadblocks to Matching an Interest with a Career

By |2011-02-19T05:51:33+00:00February 19th, 2011|General|

The classic way of going about career decisions is to take your top interest and match it to a career that involves that topic. Sounds simple, right? And I think maybe decades ago it might have been easier. Today, we're trained to have many interests, sample many extracurricular activities, and be "well-rounded"as we travel through [...]

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Talking Values

By |2011-02-10T14:42:01+00:00February 10th, 2011|General|

What do you value most, and where does your career fit into the picture? How will it evolve over time? The answers to these questions can influence your next career move. This 10-minute values inventory may help you clarify what is important to you. It's funny, one thing I discovered while taking it recently is [...]

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Career Happiness Q and A

By |2011-02-01T00:55:36+00:00February 1st, 2011|General|

I'd like to present the first in a series of question and answer sessions with people I see who are happy with their work. I'm starting with a friend of mine, Pam Ehrenberg, who is the author of two novels for young readers: Tillmon County Fire and Ethan, Suspended. She also has two other novels [...]

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On Chaos

By |2011-01-28T05:40:39+00:00January 28th, 2011|General|

This week, after a few inches of snow in the D.C. area, we lost power. No lights, no heat and icy roads make an interesting combination when you're trying to figure out your next move. It's gotten me thinking about how our careers—all of our careers—are looking these days. It's hard not to feel like [...]

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