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Career Mojo Package

Have you lost your career mojo?

You dread going to work in the morning. You feel like you’re stagnating, bored, or not learning anything. Maybe you’ve had some setbacks, and your confidence has taken a hit. You’d like to figure out what’s going wrong: Is it you or the environment at work?

You need to pivot, but in which direction?

You need to cope with chaotic workplaces that don’t offer the security that previous generations had. You’re not a leaper, a risk-taker, or a follow-your-bliss kind of person. You believe in pivots, small changes that make a big difference.

This program is for you if:

  • You dread going back to work on Mondays, but you don’t know exactly why. You have a hunch that it’s not you, it’s them. You suspect you don’t need a new career, just a new job (or maybe just a new department with a new boss).
  • You’ve encountered an –ism (ageism, racism, sexism, or maybe all three). You need to talk about what’s going wrong at work with an unbiased third party who can put the problem in perspective.
  • Your confidence is low and you suspect it’s because of your relationships at work—a boss, co-worker or team.  You have a feeling that personality differences are a problem, but you can’t quite define exactly what’s going wrong.
  • You’ve recently had a setback, been laid off, fired or demoted, and you’d like to assess what went wrong and improve. You’re considering possibly starting over at a new job in the same field or a related one.

What You’ll Get:

4 private coaching sessions, each an hour long, in which you work to define success for yourself at this point in life, highlight your strengths, and pinpoint your style for overcoming career obstacles.

Session 1: Setting goals to improve your work life

We’ll identify reasons you’ve lost your mojo and begin to put events into perspective.  You’ll begin to define what success means to you and get a chance to tune in to your gut about any injustices in the workplace. We’ll also look at your strengths and options for overcoming current issues.

Session 2: Matching your personality to your job

You’ll take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator if you haven’t already, and we will compare your personality type to your work and work setting. We’ll identify any mismatches in your environment or potential personality clashes with your boss or co-workers.

Session 3: Clarifying what success looks like

Does your vision match your workplace? We’ll look at multiple pathways to your goal – along with backup plans. We’ll identify 1 or 2 concrete things you can do immediately to make things better at your current job.

Session 4: Reflect on progress and overcome new challenges.

We’ll talk about challenges you encounter in your career and identify your style for overcoming them. We mine your life for examples of times you’ve overcome difficulties, then use those examples as a roadmap for your current career problem. This can be an uplifting process in an authentic way, that comes from your life story and from stories of people you admire.

You’ll also get:

  • Pre-coaching discovery questionnaire to help you outline your biggest career concerns and dreams.
  • Perspective on your problems from an objective third-party. I specialize in asking “what if?” What if your commute was shorter? What if you didn’t manage people anymore? What if you upgraded some skills?
  • Priority scheduling times. You can lock a weekly or biweekly time to meet so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of scheduling session-by-session.
  • Weekly exercises and worksheets to help you organize your thoughts and prioritize your needs.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions, for those times when you’re stumped or need to run an idea by someone.

Pricing: $600

Your investment is $600. Half of the payment is due at the beginning, with the remainder due at the third session. .

‘Meredith empowered me to go after a job!’

“I really liked working with Meredith. The relaxed atmosphere of her office put me at ease. We exchanged a few emails, phone calls, and had a great in-person meeting. Her knowledge and expertise helped me feel confident and motivated to pursue a job. After our meeting, I jumped right into researching what to do next. Meredith empowered me to go after a job!”
—Amy, job hunter, now back to work after a hiatus

Why Me?

I’m a Global Career Development Facilitator, and I just updated my training this past year. I have fresh info and ideas to share. I have helped with job hunts in a wide range of industries with students at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business, as well as for my own clients. Please see my “about” page for more information on my qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

Do you prefer to work in person or by phone/online?

I recommend we meet in person, at least for our initial session, if possible. I do understand if you’re not located in my geographic area. Then we meet online if possible, or by phone.

What if I need more sessions?

Additional sessions are available at my discounted package rate of $120/hour. My normal hourly rate is $150.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that life happens. I ask that clients give me 24 hours notice if they need to reschedule.

What if I feel confident in one part of the job hunt? Can I skip that part of the check-up and focus on what I’d like to improve?

Yes. If you feel confident in one area, we can focus on what you want to improve. You can double your interview practice time, or use it to get more feedback on your resume, for instance.

I’m not sure I’m ready to invest in a package. Can I try one session first?

Sure! I’m the kind of shopper who takes 2 months to really commit to a pair of shoes. I understand that you might need some time and space to see if we’re a good fit. Please consider a single session. The rate is $150/hour. I also offer 30 minutes/$75. Contact me and we’ll work something out!