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Job Hunt Package

You’ve Sent Your Resume and Now… Crickets

Offer Summary

You’re working so hard on your job hunt. Why aren’t you getting called in for an interview? Or maybe you get the interviews, but never the job offer. You’re starting to suspect you’re doing something wrong, but what?

You wouldn’t go for years without a checkup at the doctor’s office, but that’s exactly how many of us operate in our job hunts. We feel like if we just switch search engines or read a few articles, we’ll be up to date on strategy, but we don’t ask for help.

It’s hard to ask to be evaluated in what we’re doing, especially if you get enough of that already from a hypercritical boss or co-worker. It can feel as vulnerable as sitting on the exam table with the gown flapping open in back in the freezing office. But sometimes its necessary to keep yourself healthy.

The same goes for your career. Job hunting skills don’t stay fresh year after year if you don’t use them, and technology has changed the way we search for jobs. This package is meant to identify small changes in your approach that will make a big difference. We’ll focus on strategies that will save you time and get you connected with the right employers.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re just starting your job hunt but your confidence is low. You wish there were a way to feel ready for what’s ahead.
  • You’ve been searching for a while for a job but are not happy with the results. Maybe you’re not getting enough interviews, or you’re getting subpar job leads and you suspect you could do better.
  • You feel misunderstood in your job search and you’re frustrated. You wish you could get some answers about what’s going wrong.
  • You’re not finding enough jobs openings in your field. It’s like everyone’s hanging out without you. Where’d everyone go?

We’ll start by reviewing your documents (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile). Then we’ll talk about your strategy so far, and where you’ve been searching. We’ll also conduct a mock interview to help you feel more confident under pressure.

You’ll get 5 sessions total:

  • Customized tips for improving your documents in a one-hour, in person session, and a follow-up review for each document of your changes by email.
  • A one-hour mock interview with customized feedback and a video recording for you to review.
  • A one-hour networking inventory session. We look at how you’re networking to find a job, what specifically you’re doing, and we’ll do a network inventory to help you decide if it’s time to meet more people.
  • A one-hour job-hunting strategy review. We’ll look at where you’re finding job leads, and whether those are the best for your industry. I’ll help you use social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to help find job opportunities.
  • A one-hour session to follow up on your most pressing concerns and questions.


$900 for a top to bottom assessment of your job hunt, including documents. Half of the payment is due at the beginning, with the remainder due at the third session.

‘Meredith empowered me to go after a job!’

“I really liked working with Meredith. The relaxed atmosphere of her office put me at ease. We exchanged a few emails, phone calls, and had a great in-person meeting. Her knowledge and expertise helped me feel confident and motivated to pursue a job. After our meeting, I jumped right into researching what to do next. Meredith empowered me to go after a job!”
—Amy, job hunter, now back to work after a hiatus

Why Me?

I’m a Global Career Development Facilitator, and I just updated my training this past year. I have fresh info and ideas to share. I have helped with job hunts in a wide range of industries with students at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business, as well as for my own clients. Please see my “about” page for more information on my qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

Do you prefer to work in person or by phone/online?

I recommend we meet in person, at least for our initial session, if possible. I do understand if you’re not located in my geographic area. Then we meet online if possible, or by phone.

What if I need more sessions?

Additional sessions are available at my discounted package rate of $120/hour. My normal hourly rate is $150.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that life happens. I ask that clients give me 24 hours notice if they need to reschedule.

What if I feel confident in one part of the job hunt? Can I skip that part of the check-up and focus on what I’d like to improve?

Yes. If you feel confident in one area, we can focus on what you want to improve. You can double your interview practice time, or use it to get more feedback on your resume, for instance.

I’m not sure I’m ready to invest in a package. Can I try one session first?

Sure! I’m the kind of shopper who takes 2 months to really commit to a pair of shoes. I understand that you might need some time and space to see if we’re a good fit. Please consider a single session. The rate is $150/hour. I also offer 30 minutes/$75. Contact me and we’ll work something out!