Job Hunt Coaching Sessions

Do you need some clarity on your next career move? Book a strategy session.

I help clients develop actionable job hunt plans. I listen closely and offer support when you’re under stress and provide an unbiased space for you to talk about your career options. Most importantly, I can provide you context for your problems. I’ve been doing this work for nearly 10 years, and I can help you find perspective when you’re stuck.

I currently meet with clients by phone or video (Zoom).

One-on-One Career Coaching Sessions

What’s included:

  • One-on-one career coaching. I recommend action steps between appointments, so you can begin making progress from the first session. Together we explore your unique situation and develop a plan of action.
  • Between-session email support, for those times when you’re panicked and need some help ASAP.
  • Handouts and other ways to track progress along the way.

Cost: $120/60-minute session.

Types of Sessions

Refining Your Personal Brand

Are you clear on what you do that adds value to an organization? Can you explain why you’re unique? We work on clarifying your strengths, interests and skills to create a vision for your job hunt.

Your personal brand is like your theme song playing in the background of all your job hunting activities. I teach you ways to explain your value without insisting on stiff elevator speeches that feel rehearsed and fake.

Finding the Hidden Jobs 

Are you scanning job ads and applying to whatever you find? Do you know you should be networking, but the thought turns your stomach? I teach you a process for taking control of your job hunt and identify hidden job opportunities.

Learn ways to create a list of your dream employers so that you can feel in control of your future, then evaluate and prioritize that list in a way that gives you clear action steps. I provide templates for emails, feedback on cover letters and suggestions for making the most of your network and also expanding it.

Mock Interviews

Need help preparing for an important interview? Has it been a while since you did one, and you’re feeling rusty? Not sure about the best way to answer certain questions? Set up a 60-minute appointment to run through an interview simulation tailored to your job target and get feedback and tips you can use right away. Before our meeting, I’ll send you suggestions for acing the interview so you can come in strong and leave even stronger.