Identify Shadow Work

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© Cristian Nitu | Dreamstime Stock Photos Why do you work? Such a simple question borders on annoying, and yet so many people struggle to answer it completely for themselves. Many of my clients feel pushed to the brink. They can't fit in a phone call to a friend, let alone a job [...]

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To Solve Career Problems, Talk about the Taboo

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Ahhh, Monday career tip, on a Thursday. Eh, a few days late, but it's never a bad day to talk about taboos. Solving our career problems often involves talking about taboo subjects. Money, divorce, dreams, failures. I have yet to ask a client about the salary they want and have an answer roll off their [...]

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Monday Career Tip: Think Nano

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© sherrie smith | Dreamstime Stock Photos Considering a new career often comes with the question, how much will training cost? In past years, that could mean tens of thousands for a master's degree or even a hot certificate program. But good news! Education is going nano, Newsweek reports. Udacity, a four-year-old startup run by the former Google [...]

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Show Colleagues Why You’re Stressed

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Have you had the kind of day where everyone stressed you out and you'd like to let them know why? This handy graphic, shareable in the usual ways, can clue in your coworkers and friends. As you can see on my type summary to the left, there are all kinds of ways of freaking me out. [...]

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Charge Up Your Career

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I'm reading Are You Fully Charged? by Tom Rath, of StrengthsFinder 2.0 fame. It's a good title. The answer, of course, is no. I'm not fully charged. Who is, these days? I was annoyed at the size of the book, too. Under my breath I dared Rath to explain it all in the 160 pages [...]

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Treat Your Career Change Like a Habit

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You want to make a change in your life. You've got some ideas, or maybe you've just had it with your present job and need a change. How do you start to feel better \? You need to feel like you're taking control. Time and again, I see clients feel better when they start to [...]

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We Are So Much More Than Consumers

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My car broke down this week, and the mechanic says the engine is shot. Since then I've started hunting for a new car, and I've been working through the usual questions. Do I go with the brand that failed me? Do I find another brand? And within that brand, what model do I choose? As I shop [...]

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Resumes I wish I could write…

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Mom Parent to two small children, with sanity mostly still intact. Key Accomplishments Rescued both children, both of whom were “climbers,” from certain death about twice a week through toddler years. Coax children to eat daily meals despite fair-to-middling culinary skills, resulting in weight gain that pediatrician approves of and graphs on her laptop regularly. [...]

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Weather or Not

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It snowed this morning. Did I mention it’s April 25? Yeah. So, I’m very, very tempted to be disgusted with the weather, but it’s days like this that the voice of my college cross-country ski coach suddenly blasts through my brain: "Don't complain about the weather!" I haven't seen him in years. I hate when [...]

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Psssst, Introvert, Over Here….

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You, the quiet one whose ears are ringing from all the festive noise out there this month. How are you doing? Hanging in there? Yeah, me neither. I was just at Target yesterday, and I got in a shopping cart traffic jam in the Christmas light aisle, and I started to panic. All the flashing [...]

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