On Chaos

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This week, after a few inches of snow in the D.C. area, we lost power. No lights, no heat and icy roads make an interesting combination when you're trying to figure out your next move. It's gotten me thinking about how our careers—all of our careers—are looking these days. It's hard not to feel like [...]

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Where Are the Jobs? A Dose of Optimism

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Time Magazine is tackling the outlook for jobs this year in a series of reports. This month's Time kicked off the series with some optimism, and a few surprises. Sure, job growth is expected in health care and education, industries that have weathered the recession better than most, and also tech workers will see continued demand for [...]

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Three Reasons Obituaries are Good for Your Career

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As a former newspaper reporter, I have a soft spot for obituaries. I remember it being my first published assignment as a full-time reporter. But now that I help people with their careers, I like to recommend them as an antidote to the funk you can fall into during a seemingly endless job hunt. Just [...]

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Where Should I Start?

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Is it 2011 already? How did that happen? And here I have a resolution to keep by the end of the week. I’ve resolved to start a little blog to offer some guidance on researching careers and making career decisions. So many of the career counseling clients I work with come up against the same problem: [...]

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