Three Beliefs that Stand In the Way of a Great Resume

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Great resumes tell a compelling story, ideally of growth and learning, new challenges and meaningful projects. But sometimes job seekers fail to honestly tell their stories because of beliefs they’ve internalized about their work, their education, or what the employer wants to see. This is a challenging time to hunt, and you want to use [...]

What Matters Most in your Resume

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I recently chatted with a friend who works in HR, and she's a little frustrated. Many of the resumes she's sorting through this week don't show the work history clearly. Like many hiring managers, she likes to see a traditional, chronological format organized by dates. She especially is frustrated when she sees accomplishments separated from [...]

Save Time Revising Your Résumé by Making These Three Lists

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Does this sound familiar? You're excited to job hunt, so you settle in at your desk to update your résumé. You start to look over the document and realize you have so much to add. Quickly, the document is over two pages, and you're still anxiously trying to include everything you've done in the [...]

How to Decide If You Should Apply for That Job

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Chad Madden | Unsplash You're cruising, scanning the job openings, when you see it. The perfect job. The duties play to your strengths, and you've heard great things about the company, but there's a catch. You aren't 100-percent qualified. Should you still apply? You don't want to miss out, but on the [...]

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Why You Should Read Before You Write Your Resume

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Tim Gouw | Unsplash When you're updating your resume, you have to fight the impulse to dive in and start writing. Most people want to update once and be done with it, then send the same document to a slew of employers. This may seem like a time-saver, but it really can cripple [...]

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