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New Year’s Resolutions and Other Tips

Ah, we’ve arrived at late January. I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in a year. I’ve been eyeing my kids’ Flintstone vitamins. Maybe the vitamin D in Dino can get me over this hump.

If you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. I’ve already failed at mine. I resolved to make myself better sandwiches. I know, not exactly the most idealistic or ambitious goal, but it was achievable and specific. I kept at it for about two weeks, and then I realized I didn’t really care about the goal. I mean, eh, so I have a nice sandwich, so what? And where does pizza fit into this? And soup? You get the idea.

A staggering 92 percent of us don’t reach our New Year’s goals, Inc. magazine reports. So what do the 8 percent do that the rest of us don’t? One crucial part of goal-setting is wanting to achieve it, badly. Of course, right? How silly? But sometimes we don’t check in with ourselves honestly about our commitment. We set goals we think we should have (I based mine a little to much on Pinterest, I fear).

The Inc. article lists some great questions to ask: “How badly do I want it? Who’s holding me accountable to the end? Is my heart truly in it from the start? What’s life going to look like once I complete the goal? In the end, will it be worth it?”

I also love this take on resolutions. Instead of declaring them in a statement, ask yourself a question about your goal, argues Melody Wilding, LMSW, in this article.  So, if you’re looking at starting a business on the side, ask “How might I go about getting my first client?” instead of writing down, “Get first client by Nov. 1.” The softened approach sets your brain to work, solving a puzzle. She calls it a Questolution, which I think is genius.

Baltimore Best Places to Work

Connections Education, a company that runs a free online virtual school for K-12, among other virtual education initiatives, topped the Baltimore Sun’s list of best places to work for 2016. The company has offices in Baltimore and Columbia, MD.

Also on the top of the list are Humanim, a nonprofit that provides assistance to people with developmental disabilities and behavioral health issues, with offices in Baltimore, Columbia and Towson; and KEYW Corp., a tech firm that supports the intelligence, cybersecurity and counterterrorism sectors, with offices in Columbia, Ellicott City, Hanover and Severn.

Healthcare Heads-up

The deadline for signing up for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act is January 31. This would be the last chance to get coverage for the year, which would extend through 2017 regardless of a repeal of the act.

Penalties will be enforced by the IRS for not having insurance after that date, The Washington Post is reporting.

For more information, go to

Tip for Work-life Balance

Schedule everything, even the fun stuff. That’s the number one tip from a group of entrepreneurs surveyed on how they manage their busy lives, Forbes reported. An interesting part of that story: Schedule your to-do list, don’t just leave it as a list.

It’s something I try to do, and when I get on it, it works like a dream. Scheduling fun is especially hard, but when I manage to do it, I feel so much better.

Giving a Talk

I just learned I’ll be presenting at the Maryland Career Development Conference at the end of this April. I’ll be focusing on one of my favorite topics: Informational interviewing. It’s something many people dread, but I’ve tried to come up with strategies that make it fun, or at least less detestable. I’ll be sharing some tips on that in coming newsletters.

Until then, have a great rest of the month, and please feel free to send me questions or issues you’d love for me to address in coming newsletters. I’d love to hear from you!