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Is Perfectionism Paralyzing Your Job Hunt?

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You’ll start applying really soon. Like, later today. You'll just take one more look online. You’ll send that cover letter and resume after one more edit. One more pass. If you get it just right, they’ll notice you and call you in for the interview. You’ll get out the door for that interview, but [...]

Journaling Prompts to Inspire a Better Work Life

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When you're feeling down about your job, it can be so tempting to jump quickly to the next job. Sociopaths find their way to management positions, colleagues melt down, companies downsize at the drop of a hat. We find ourselves pivoting so often we make ourselves dizzy. We become disorganized in our thinking about [...]

How to Put Your Job Hunt in Context

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© Daniel Gilbey | Dreamstime Stock Photos Your job hunt isn't going well, and you aren't sure why. You're frustrated. You've gotten the right degree, and maybe you have some great experience, so why aren't you making progress? To answer that you need to do some research and put your job hunt in [...]

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Career Change in the New Year

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I like January. It’s a time for dreamers. There’s a whole bunch of you who will try to change careers this year, and to you I say, go for it! You’ve made a pact with yourself. You want to like Mondays again. You want to do what you’re meant to do in this world, whatever that [...]

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